The Way Hotel

homemade recipes

Quality can't be rushed, it takes time and care; this is how it is.

This road is one of a love for food made the traditional way; and when you take the time to prepare food in this wonderful style, it will ensure your family and friends also enjoy it the traditional way ... together at the dining table.

Which includes: Freshly made curds and whey, preserves and jams, flour and stone, salt and cure, the pickled pantry, the smokehouse, grind and press to prepare the day’s treasures


Mediterranean food with a touch of Marrakesh panache has its roots in the diversity of the regional cuisines which inspires so much passion.

At THE WAY Dhaka we rediscover that journey.

2 Bedroom Executive

Life in

The fresh approach for healthy eating with THE WAY Dhaka culinary team is grains, greens & power proteins.

A celebration of the art of great food presenting natures super foods.

Grow, gather, cook, Asian style

To paint the perfect canvas of the countryside you have to get all the elements to appear seamless.

At THE WAY Dhaka we strive to bring together only the freshest ingredients to complement our culinary journey into shared Asian experiences.  



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